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We render our services to all, the ailing humanity at a very minimal cost so that their sufferings can be treated or cured, so as to enjoy good health and become an asset to the family and society. Keeping in view the cost of the modern treatment to be provided to the poorest of the patient, a new unit for the total help of such patients, particularly those suffering from chronic ailments like TB, Cancer, and others with the kind help of donors a new unit. “BHAI GHANIYA JI MISSION SOCIETY” was founded with the great association of Bhai Manjit Singh Ji and his other associates of Akhand Kirtani Jatha and a small office within the hospital premises which started helping poor patients with free medicines, investigations, blood donation, etc. This proved to be a big help to the poorest patients requiring the treatment for a better chance to live and work while rendering the full spectrum of services and meeting the Mission of establishing the hospital ie everything from creating standards of excellence, collecting the detailed information of the patient, assessing their ailments and economic status and providing them State of the Art treatment.

Following services are being provided totally free from the government MCH Centre within the hospital from 2002, established by Department of Health and Family Welfare Punjab.

And various other activities of department of Health are provided totally free to all the patients.

Help people in need

Provide direct support to individual, family or community by offering medical services free of charge.

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Show your generosity by coming forward to a challenge for charity allows you to support a cause that is close to your heart.

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